St. Stephen’s Higher Secondary School, Dimapur was established on 20th February 1989 by DR. R. Francis, and his lady wife, Mrs A. Amen Ao.
The school was inaugurated by the former Chief Secretary, Government of Nagaland. The school is located in an urban area in a neighbourhood with Eight Directorate Offices, including the D.C. office.
The school is affiliated under the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE), which the Govt. of Nagaland  recognizes. The school has well equipped learning facilities from LKG to Class 12. The school is recognized by the Govt. of Nagaland,order  No. ED/SED/A-5/89-90 and NBSE order No. NBE-1/EX- PER/91-92. SSHSS is one of the reputed schools in the state, which can be accounted for in its academic excellence and achievements in various fields.
We at St. Stephen’s Higher Secondary School (SSHSS), Dimapur, aims:
• To deliver a positive learning environment where pupils can imbibe quality education through hard work and perseverance to reach their highest potential.
•   To nurture responsible citizens to have unshaken faith in LORD almighty.
•   To provide overall holistic development.
•  To shape individuals to think out-of-the-box and become multi-dimensional in their interests.
•   To nurture individuals to become driven in their future goals/endeavours.
•  To assist individuals in their pursuit of knowledge.
The motto of the school is ‘LEARN & SHINE’, which consists of a star, light and, a book. The Star symbolizes the glorious future of the institution and Stephenians - to aim high and shine like the stars. The Light signifies the guidance and the blessings of God, The Almighty. The Book signifies the quest for wisdom to become lifelong learners.


                                                        “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”. – Margaret Mead.

This is the maxim in which the school was established more than two decades ago —a perfect blend of ancient ethos and modern education. Pupils are taught not merely to acquire marks but to be innovative minded individuals who would become good empathetic future leaders, further contributing to make this world a better place.
Guided by our supreme LORD and competent educators, our vision is to bring St. Stephen’s Higher Secondary School (SSHSS), Dimapur, among the pre-eminent co-educational institution/s in our country.
We strive to assist Stephenians in becoming grounded and lifelong learners, who both in their relationships, and endeavours are dedicated seekers of truth, knowledge, and advocators for a humane and just world. Our school is a vibrant learning community where pupils of all background are welcomed to achieve their goals.


With this huge responsibility, and enthusiasm vested upon us, we promise to produce individuals who have holistic personalities.

St. Stephen’s Higher Secondary School, Dimapur, has a set of core values that underpin our school’s Vision, and Mission.

•   Commitment: by Commitment, we mean that everyone shows love, trust, and loyalty to colleagues, friends, and the school. They must work to their highest potential and see that they adhere to the school rules. We believe in the uncompromising value of hard work and discipline.
•   Opportunity: by Opportunity, we mean that everyone develops their confidence through participation. One needs to volunteer in diverse school activities/situations to consider their strengths and weaknesses and challenge themselves.
•   Respect: by Respect, we mean that everyone respects each other irrespective of their background, and should treat one another with professionalism, and respect the school facilities, buildings, and the environment.
•  Excellence: by Excellence, we mean that everyone celebrates their achievements and work to their best abilities, and set high personal and professional goals to give way for improvement. We, at St. Stephen’s Higher Secondary School, Dimapur believes that there is no substitute for hard work.
•   Accountability: by Accountability, we mean that everyone - the staffs, both secular and maintenance staffs, along with the pupils is responsible for their actions, words and results.
 •  Teamwork and Flexibility: by Teamwork and Flexibility, we mean that everyone will achieve more if they collaborate and work together.


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